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Not sure if we repair it? We can repair a wide range of electronics... Do have a question about your electronic needs? Be sure to contact us and we can answer your questions with on the spot price estimates.

Dr. Mobile Repairs
Paul Washington
881 Old Route 66 Unit 2B
Saint Robert, Mo

Feeling outdated?

Is your PC outdated? Is it time for an upgrade but don't want to spend retail prices? How about a rebuild? We can assist with the ordering of newer updated parts and rebuild your PC to be top of the line again.

Did you know we also do game systems?

Why let that broken console sit on a shelf? We offer affordable game system repairs that will get you back in the match in no time. Replacement of power supplies, hard drives and HDMI ports can all be done.

Mail in your repairs!(Coming soon, contact us for more info.)

If you live out of the area but have heard of us and like the work that we have done than you could always mail us your device to repair. Just follow the link to download the customer information sheet and carefully pack it with your device in a small box or envelope and send it to out address. You will be contacted within 24 hours of recieving your device with a diagnosis and estimate. Payments for repair can be made over the phone. Our address can be found at the bottom of our website or on the customer information sheet.

Black Rifle coffee is here!

Supporting our local Church and Pastor we have Black Rifle Coffee available for purchase. A list of blends and prices can be found in our store along with freshly brewed samples. Come enjoy some Black Rifle Coffee while you wait for your repair to be finished. We are not affiliated with the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

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